Family Fun!

***And Much, MUCH More!***

Parenting Tips & Articles I love:

1.  “40 Ways to Entertain Your Kids While Lying Down” – perfect for Moms who are sick, pregnant, injured, etc.  Every parent should have a list like this!

2.  “19 Things We Should Say to Our Children” –  A sweet reminder of some of the things we all really want to (and should) tell our children.

3.“Age Appropriate Chores for Kids” –  One Mom’s suggestions for the types of household chores children of various age groups should be able to perform (toddler, preschooler, early elementary, etc.).  She is very careful to point out that each child is different and should, therefore, be evaluated individually to determine if they are ready for certain responsibilities.

4. “100 FREE Things to do with Your Kids This Summer” –   Want to make sure your kids don’t forget a year’s worth of learning over the summer?  Want them to have fun things to do to keep them from getting bored?  Check out this list for some truly great ideas…

5. “More Than a Movie: 50 Ideas for Fun and Frugal Family Nights”  – an ebook, by Janet Lynn Phillips, is broken down into 4 sections; Food, Fun, Thinking of Others, Out & About.

6. “101 Fun, Easy and Cheap Indoor Activities for Kids” –  Rainy day got you down?  This list from Six Sisters has some awesome creative ideas to keep the little ones entertained.  Some of the activities tend to be a little “girly” (tea parties, makeup makeovers, etc.), but if you’re like me and are not concerned with assigning gender to activities/toys/colors/etc. you will be able to find tons of good ideas here.


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